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Harvest of Itoshima Itoshima farmer and IzumiyaRoqji representative Tsuyosh Shiraishi devoted himself to discovering the best process for making cinnamon tea from cinnamon leaves. Three years of trail and error, finding the best size of cinnamon leaves to use, and drying time made the recipe for making teabags ideal. The cinnamon used comes from cinnamon trees grown locally in Itoshima. Natural spring water flows from the mountains to nurture the trees. No pesticides : No agricultural chemicals : No preservatives Cinnamon created with black tea hence the name Black Cinnamon Tea. The taste is refreshing without any bitterness and harshness. This is made possible using cinnamon leaves rather than cinnamon bark. Imagine the aroma of cinnamon spreading from your mouth to your nose as you enjoy the tea. The tea comes in tetra-shaped tea bags. You only need to steep the tea in hot water for 3 minutes before drinking. ケニア・ワールドコーヒー監修。 ブラックティー(ケニア産)とシナモンのコラボレーション。 ホッとする一時に、柔らかな香りが引き立ちます。 内容量1.5g☓10個入

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